Rates effective January 01, 2023

All-Breed/ASCA Shows
$90.00 for all regular classes except Best of Breed.
$110.00 for Best of Breed Champions.

$120.00 for Ringside pick-up.

Supported Entry/Regional Specialty/Limited Group Shows
$150.00 for all regular classes except Best of Breed.
$200.00 for Best of Breed Champions.
$100.00 for sweeps if also shown in regular class.

National Specialty Shows
$350.00 for all regular classes except Best of Breed.
$500.00 for Best of Breed.
$175.00 for sweeps if also shown in regular class.

Westminster/Royal Canin/Invitational Events
Contact for quote

$300 for Best in Show / $200 Reserve Best in Show
$125 for Group 1
$100 for Group 2
$75 for Group 3
$50 for Group 4
$50 for Specialty WD/WB
$100 for Best in Specialty / $75 Best of Opposite Specialty

$100.00 Initial Grooming fee for dogs living with handler.
$45.00 Weekly Maintenance fee for dogs living with handler. This includes bathing, trimming, clipping, nails, teeth, etc, which will be done weekly or prior to first day of show.
Day of Show Grooming fee is included with handling fee. This includes all usage of products, blow drying, brushing, fluff ups, and touch up scissoring that day of the show. Any dog brought to handler needing more than 15 minutes of trimming/stripping will result in a fee of $25 per 15 minutes of additional grooming.

Small Breeds: $15.00/day
Medium & Large Breeds: $20.00/day
Dogs living & traveling with handler but not showing: $25.00/day
Bitches in season: $25.00/day

**PLEASE NOTE - Owners are responsible for providing food and monthly preventatives for their dog while being boarded - ZERO EXCEPTIONS! If your dog is not sent with food or on a monthly autoship Chewy order for food, there will be a $5/day charge. Food is not included with our time to board and condition your dog.

**If you dog requires being fed a food other than Pro Plan Sport Chicken, there will be a $3/day charge to store & feed your dog their specific diet

$30.00 per day per dog. Five (5) day minimum requirement.

Breeding Fee
$500.00 for stud dogs actively showing with the handler needing bred to an outside bitch. This includes 5 days of free boarding for the bitch, natural breedings or A.I. with the handler. This dog not include any food, travel or vet care.

Transportation (for trips not traveling to or from a dog show)
$50.00 per hour plus mileage & expenses. This includes travel for drop-off & pick-up after show weekends, trips to vet, etc.

Additional charges for care, meals, lodging, mileage, and tolls are on prorated basis for circuits and shows. These expenses are split upon the number of dogs traveling to circuit. These fees apply to dogs left solely in the possession of the handler during circuits (not delivered ringside). Dogs not traveling to the shows with the handler (ringside pick-up) must arrive groomed and ring ready. The client is also responsible for the dog's care if being delivered for ringside pick-up.




Please contact Jillayne Parnell at jillaynekarras@gmail.com for a copy of the Rate Sheet, Intake Form & Handling Agreement to sign prior to handling arrangements being made.




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